Apply for Funding

The CPA funding process

CPA funds will be awarded through a grant application process. The Community Preservation Committee has developed an application packet, which includes:

 An explanation of the application and review process

  • The FY18 Project Eligibility Determination Form, which must be submitted to and reviewed by the Community Preservation Committee (CPC) before an applicant can submit a full application
  • Instructions for submitting a full application for FY18 funding
  • Application Cover Sheet
  • Scoring criteria

Year Timeline

 In FY2018, the Community Preservation Committee will make two rounds of funding recommendations to the City Council. The first round will occur in May 2018, followed by a second round in October 2018. All applicants who will seek funding in FY2018 are encouraged to submit a project eligibility determination in January 2018, even if they will wait until the second round to complete their full application. Applicants may also submit a revised application for the second round if they do not receive funding the first round.

Key dates

November 27, 2017 – Introduction Meeting for First Round of CPA funding

January 5, 2018- Eligibility determination forms due (Round 1)

March 2, 2018- Full applications due (Round 1)

April 2018- Applicants present at community meetings (Round 1)

April 13, 2018 – Eligibility determination forms due (Round 2)

July 13, 2018 – Applicants submit funding applications (Round 2)

September, 2018 – Applicants present at community meetings (Round 2)

FY18 CPA Application Packet 

FY18 CPA Small Grants Application Packet (revised)

March 12, 2018 Round Two Info Session 

 3/12/18 Info Session Video

View the Round Two Info Session Presentation Slides

To review the CPA plan, which describes the process for administering the CPA in Medford, visit the CPA plan page for more information.