CPA in Medford

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Visit the City of Medford Website for posted meeting agendas, minutes, and details about the City's implementation of the Community Preservation Act.

How does the CPA Work in Medford?

  1. Medford citizens voted to adopt CPA in November 2015, which adds a 1.5% surcharge on annual property taxes (with exemptions).
  2. After adopting CPA, funds from the Massachusetts Community Preservation Trust Fund are distributed to Medford. [State match in 2016 was 21%.]
  3. A local Community Preservation Committee was formed and approved by the City Council, consisting of one member from each of Medford’s standing commissions (Community Development Board, Housing Authority Board, Conservation Commission, Parks Board, and Historic Commission) and up to 4 other citizens appointed by city ordinance.
  4. The Committee reviews potential local projects, with input from the community, and makes spending recommendation for the City Council. The City Council has final approval of CPA funding in a public process.
  5. Under CPA, 30% of the funds in each fiscal year are divided equally into each of the 3 CPA areas: open space and recreation, historic preservation, and affordable housing. The remaining 70% can be used in any of the CPA areas.
  6. CPA funds can be used on citywide projects that fall into the specified CPA areas.

 Chevalier TheaterMystic River

Examples of Potential CPA Projects in Medford

  • Needed repairs and renovations at historic City buildings, including City Hall, Chevalier Theater, Library, Curtis School, and Fire Stations.
  • Upgrades to recreation facilities, parks and playgrounds such as Wright's Pond, Riverwalk, community gardens, and playing fields for sports teams.
  • Acquisition of open space (e.g Medford land within Fellsmere Heights at old Malden Hospital), and protection of water resources to improve water quality, public access, and safety.
  • Prepare and carry out strategic plan to address housing cost inflation, making living in Medford unaffordable for seniors and working families.
  • Repairs and renovations to historic community assets including Royall House, Peter Tufts House, Brooks Estate, religious buildings, and more.

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