Medford Community Preservation Committee News

CPC May 1, 2018 Meeting Video Available (May 7, 2018)

Watch the second half of applicant presentations for the first funding round for CPA funds.

CPC April 24, 2018 Meeting Video Available (Apr 27, 2018)

Watch the first half of applicant presentations for proposed Round 1 CPA projects: 

4/16/18 - Need your help: House Budget Amendment filed to increase CPA Trust Fund (Apr 16, 2018)

The CPA trust fund for 2019 was estimated at 11%...

March 22, 2018 CPC Meeting Cancelled (Mar 20, 2018)

The March 22, 2018 CPC meeting has been cancelled due to the lack of a quorum. 

Community Preservation Committee meeting 3/13/18 POSTPONED (Mar 12, 2018)

Due to the impending snow, the March 13th CPC meeting has been rescheduled to March 22

The Community Preservation Plan (Nov 7, 2017)

Funding decisions are guided by the Community Preservation Plan 2017 (pdf), which articulates community needs and prior