Medford Community Preservation Committee News

The Community Preservation Plan (Nov 7, 2017)

Funding decisions are guided by the Community Preservation Plan 2017 (pdf), which articulates community needs and prior

Public Feedback Forums (Sep 10, 2017)

What are Medford’s priorities for funding open space, recreation, historic preservation, and affordable housing?

Survey Coming Soon (Sep 8, 2017)

The Survey will be available from September 25 until October 22, 2017.

City of Medford seeks Community Preservation Coordinator (Aug 10, 2017)

The Part-time position is estimated 15-19 hours/week, $30/hour.

Senate passes budget Amendment to Bolster CPA Trust Fund (Apr 24, 2017)

4/24/17:  "...preliminary estimates indicate that the increase would restore the first round distribution to a level above 30%.

Medford Community Preservation Committee approved (Apr 18, 2017)

4/18/17:  The Medford Community Preservation Committee (CPC) members have been approved by the City Council.  They are:

Community Preservation Coalition garners huge support! (Feb 3, 2017)

2/3/17: 123 legislators, including Christine Barber, Paul Donato, and Sean Garballey, sign on to "An Act to Sustain Community Preservation."  For details, visit the

Community Preservation Coalition needs our help! (Jan 20, 2017)

We need a permanent solution to the CPA Trust Fund.  But unless legislators hear loudly, and often, from many constituents in the communities they represent, we will not be successful.

Post-Election Updates (Dec 20, 2016)

12/20/16:  The ordinance establishing the Community Preservation Committee has passed!  Now, the process starts for filling the 4 appointed members of the committee.  "In choosing persons for “appo

11/3/15: CPA passes in Medford! Thank you for your support! (Nov 13, 2015)

Watch this short video to learn how the Community Preservation Act can benefit Medford!