Community Preservation Coalition needs our help!

We need a permanent solution to the CPA Trust Fund.  But unless legislators hear loudly, and often, from many constituents in the communities they represent, we will not be successful.

An Act to Sustain Community Preservation Revenue calls for an adjustment in the current funding source for the CPA Trust Fund. The Trust derives its revenue from fees collected at the Registries of Deeds across the state, but those fees have never been adjusted since CPA was signed into law by Governor Cellucci in 2000. The legislation asks for these fees to be adjusted so that all current CPA communities would receive a 50% first round distribution.

In order for this piece of legislation to succeed, we need to get a large number of legislators to sign on as co-sponsors. Legislators are only given a short window to add their name to the bill, so we need EVERY CPA advocate to call your state Senator and Representative and ask them to co-sponsor the CPA legislation!

For details, visit the CPC website.